Saw the special screening of "Viva Las Vegas" last week and it was really cool.more
Updated: Jul 21, 2004 Shop
Are you serious about the King of Rock and roll, I mean really sirius? Well, then your dream has come true. For the first time ever a radio station on satellite radio is completely Elvis.more
Updated: Jul 3, 2004
In his editorial for the new editon of the OEPFC magazine, Todd Slaughter, proposes another strategy to open new markets for Elvis. He is interested in your opinion too, you can email him (follow the link to the magazinepage) or use the reactionform.more
Updated: Nov 13, 2003
There is a crazy phenomenon in the world of being an Elvis Presley fan that can be a little on the scary side. It is the desire by some to judge their love for Elvis against that of another Elvis fan.more
Updated: Jul 29, 2010
Most all diehard fans know that on June 21 there will be a special screening in the US of the Comeback Special taping. We need to get the word out FAST that ANY Regal and United Artists theaters worldwide to run this special film.more
Updated: May 29, 2004 Shop
Stop where you areā€¦ and think about the poor Beatles and Sinatra fans.more
Updated: Feb 26, 2006
A nice surprise was the set of SUN replicas I received just before this weekend.more
Updated: Nov 24, 2018
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