I thought I was a real Elvis Fan but maybe I'm not...more
Updated: Aug 5, 2006
The opinion of Paul Sweeney, Canada, about the FTD label.more
Updated: Apr 20, 2002
During some time in the life of any Elvis fan, it happened. You got caught by Elvis. Maybe his voice, maybe his looks, maybe his music maybe even the whole package, but still it happened and from that moment on you were an Elvis fan. Not all fans are the same, and that’s all right.more
Updated: Oct 27, 2002
Recently I become a little bit annoyed with all those “women/groupies” whom, 25 years after his death, come forward with the most possible and impossible stories.more
Updated: Nov 8, 2002
I know not everyone buys them only for the coverart, but it counts. I mean the FTD staff knows already three or four months before what the next release is, so why not take the time for the covers?more
Updated: Sep 10, 2002
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