There is one thing about the upcoming ‘30 #1 Hits’ that bothers us. The title is wrong since Elvis now has 31 #1 Hits, if you follow the sources BMG uses. So the correct title would be ‘ELV1S 31 #1 Hits’.more
Updated: Aug 24, 2002 Shop
So the 30th Anniversary has been and gone and despite all the BMG promises, it was a bit of a let down.more
Updated: Nov 7, 2007
As everyone knows, Elvis #1’s was released in the US this past Tuesday, September 24th. For the first time in my memory, BMG actually had promoted, and I mean really promoted, an Elvis release, so much so, in fact, that even non Elvis fans were talking about it. The Colonel would be proud.more
Updated: Oct 1, 2002 Shop
It was obvious, that most people were either getting the facts wrong or not understanding under which considerations the #1 CD's of Elvis and the Beatles were compiled.more
Updated: Jul 7, 2002
BMG is trying a lot harder with Elvis than they have done in the past. I'm not satisfied.more
Updated: Dec 12, 2003
Elvis is for everyone even pot smokers! So before people accuse High Times magazine 'using' Elvis on their cover, I suggest they read the article first.more
Updated: Jan 23, 2003
Our long time member Deano1 continues his series of original album reviews with Elvis Nowmore
Updated: Jun 13, 2019
Every fan has his of hers own story. The ultimate memory of how one became an Elvis fan. My love for Elvis has provided me with the ultimate gift: a soul mate!more
Updated: Dec 20, 2002 Shop
If you are a visitor to Las Vegas or a local like me, the Elvis-A-Rama museum is a great place to spend and afternoon, with warm and friendly Employees and a fascinating glimpse into the crazy, wonderful world of ELVIS PRESLEY......but that's just my opinmore
Updated: Jun 13, 2002
"We get barbecued no matter what, it's just a matter of whether we want to be cooked rare or well done."more
Updated: May 12, 2003
Elvis Radio is now on Sirius satellite, and for those who still have not run out to get your equipment and get "turned on" with Elvis, here is some updated news for you.more
Updated: Oct 16, 2004
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