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Easy Come, Easy Go

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, January 28, 2021 | Music

Last week the newest FTD vinyl arrived: Easy Come, Easy Go.


The design is like the most vinyl releases by FTD: okay. I really love the ‘old’ labels and it is always good to feel that heavy vinyl.


While listening to the LPs I checked what this site wrote on the CD release of this soundtrack. It turned out that I was the one giving his opinion and in those 13,5 year my opinion did not change. Except for one really poor song, that I don’t have to mention, the songs are not that bad for an Elvis soundtrack. Unfortunately Elvis was so bored by then that he didn’t give the songs the treatment that could have made them really enjoyable. 

I do think (but I almost think that with every vinyl release) it sounds better than the CD, being played for a little bit for the first time in all those years. Anyway, you all know what to expect from this release and that you will get…


I can only conclude that I played this vinyl version more often than the CD already.


Side A: Easy Come, Easy Go - The Love Machine - I’ll Take Love - You Gotta Stop - Sing You Children - Yoga Is As Yoga Does - She’s A Machine

Side B - Special Bonus Songs: Come What May - Fools Fall In Love

Outtakes: The Love Machine (Take 1 - 3) - She’s A Machine (Take 5 - 7) - You Gotta Stop (Instrumental Take 5)

Side C - Outtakes: Easy Come, Easy Go (Take 10) - I’ll Take Love (Take 1, 2 A) - Leave My Woman Alone (Instrumental Take 5) - The Love Machine (Take 4, 5, 11) - Sing You Children (Take 1) - She’s A Machine (Take 10)

Side D - Outtakes: The Love Machine (Take 13 - 14) - I’ll Take Love (Take 2B) - She’s A Machine (Take 13 – Movie Master) - Yoga Is As Yoga Does (Take 5 - 6) - Sing You Children (Take 18 - 19)

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Deano1 wrote on January 29, 2021
While I probably won't buy this one, I have bought other FTD vinyl releases and I agree there is nothing quite like the feeling of the heavy vinyl in your hands and those old RCA labels. As far as content, this isn't a bad soundtrack (minus YIAYD). The overall album is decent with the inclusion of the two B sides CWM and FFIL and it would have been a better album back in the day than Double Trouble. Especially, if they had added the two single A sides, 'Love Letters' and 'Indescribably Blue" and maybe one more song such as 'Western Union' which was later included on the 'Speedway' soundtrack...I do have to say the six songs from 'Easy Come, Easy Go' sound much better on my old 45 EP when played on my jukebox than any CD versions I have heard.