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Café Europa - G.I. BLues Vol. 2

Café Europa - G.I. BLues Vol. 2 (cover)
Released: 2013/10/14 by FTD
Rating: -

 2 CD set with more outtakes from these sessions.


The ElvisNews Review

Thanks to either the British or Dutch mail it took a while, but last week the – by now – previous FTD batch arrived. First the soundtrack, one of the better of Elvis’ career.


We are quite familiar with the concept by now. The booklet is full with pictures, necessary background information and memorabilia.


The first disc starts with remixed master takes followed by outtakes, very enjoyable in my ears. The doo-wap Doin’ the Best I Can, the rockin’ Shoppin’ Around, more than fair pop song Pocketful of Rainbows and of course the title track are always a pleasure to listen too. Even the remake of Blue Suede Shoes, by far not as strong as the original, is more than okay.

The second CD is less entertaining to me, fun to play once but a bit too much of the same in a row. I guess I outgrew this, since I remember being fond of having something like this some 20 years ago. The 3 bonus tracks are a fun addition thou.


A nice addition to the collection, but certainly not among my favourites in the classic album series.

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