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Info:This wallpaper is based upon a beautiful background of the Norwegian Flaming Star site. Great shot of Elvis from Hawaii 1972 (and not Boston 1971, sorry for the mix-up).
Sep 5, 2009 


Mr. Songman (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2009report abuse
This is not from Boston. It is definitely November 1972. The microphone is a dead giveaway.
vegaselvisfan (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2009report abuse
credit where credit is due... taken by ed bonja.
Dorulet (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 6, 2009report abuse
Hmmmm... i realy, truly think that the picture is not taken in Boston 71 but in Hawaii 72... Didn't Elvis wear the Black Matador in Boston ?

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