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Source:Elvis A-Z
Photo:DVD Girls! Girls! Girls!
Picked by:ElvisNews
Attendance:film crew and others
Info:Elvis is on Hawaii again, sings and fights for a 'poor' girl and gets happy. A little more detail: Ross Carpenter (Elvis) is captain on the 'The West Wind' which he had built together with his father. When the owner has to sell the ship, because he has to move because of health troubles, Elvis tries to buy it and gets a job as fisherman at daytime and singer at nighttime. In the bar he meets the pretty Laurel Dodge (Goodwin), which is healthy but pretends to be poor, because she wants a man that loves her and not her money. They fall in love, she buys the ship for him. He gets angry because he doesn't want to be 'bought'. She sells the ship again and they live long and happily.
one hour cash advance
Mar 6, 2003
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