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Source:Yahoo News
Photo:Associated Press
Picked by:ElvisNews
Location:Friedberg, (former West) Germany
Info:A young Private Elvis Presley is shown at an upright piano in the recreation hall, Headquarters Company, Third Armored Division, in Friedberg, West Germany in the Spring of 1959.

(At least, this is what Yahoo 'told us', according to Geert Hof (Solid Gold Elvis) it must be during the filming of G.I. Blues, based upon the silver line on top of the sign on Elvis' sleeve, thanks Geert!)

A white Knabe grand piano once owned by Presley sold at an auction in Memphis this week. The piano, given by his wife, Priscilla Presley to Elvis, went for $685,000 to Michael Muzio, chairman of Blue Moon group.
one hour cash advance
Jan 11, 2003
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sunrecords56 (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 1, 2010report abuse
GI Blues...He is a SP5 (E-5) which is a Specialist 5 the Part played by Tulsa in the Movie.