Web's Most Wanted 2002

Terra Lycos, the largest global Internet network, today announced The Lycos 50's eagerly anticipated annual list of top 50 search terms for the year 2002. The Lycos 50 is a weekly list of the most popular people, places and things users are searching for online. The Lycos 50 2002 year-end list is based on user searches from Dec. 1, 2001 through November 25, 2002. Elvis ended up at the # 91 spot on the top 100 and didn't make it to the top 100 the year before. Based on growing search queries, The Lycos 50 predicts these are the ones to watch in 2003 ... Top 10 Men: 1- Eminem, 2- Nelly, 3- Osama Bin Laden, 4- Tupac Shakur, 5- Ja Rule, 6- Orlando Bloom, 7- Elvis Presley, 8- Josh Hartnett, 9- Vin Diesel, 10- Michael Jackson.
Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: Dec 11, 2002 
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