Tuesday Chart Update

In The Netherlands the "Aloha" DVD dropped one place in the Music DVD chart to #6, the "Comeback" DVD dropped one place too, to #3. In Norway, the "Comeback" set dropped three places to #7 from last week's #4, the "Aloha" set dropped out of the Top 10. A few examples of how succesful "Aloha" and "Comeback" are in France. Currently in the Top 10 best selling DVDs, the "FNAC" biggest and most famous French music store have "Aloha" at #1 and "The Comeback" at #3. It is the same in the Virgin megastore. Another sign is that both Virgin and FNAC have displayed the dvds on screen ang gave them very good selling spots since their releases.
Source: Email / Updated: Aug 31, 2004 
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