Track Listing We Have Not Rehearsed Them

Here is the track listing of the new import CD "We Have Not Rehearsed Them" (previously released as "Live And Unleashed"): You’ll Never Walk Alone (Uniondale July 19, 1975 20:30) Shake A Hand (Atlanta, GA. June 6, 1975) Oh Happy Day (Las Vegas NV. August 14, 1970 M.S.) It’s Crying Time (Las Vegas NV. August 12, 1973 M.S.) Tiger Man – slow version – (Las Vegas, NV. August 11, 1973 M.S.) When The Snow Falls On The Roses (Las Vegas, NV. August 24, 1970) When No One Stands Alone (Montgomery, AL. February 16, 1977) Mickey Mouse March (Las Vegas, NV. April 1, 1975 M.S.) You Can Have Her (Los Angeles, CA. May 11, 1974. 14.30) Sweet Inspirations (Las Vegas, NV. August 1970, M.S.) More (Las Vegas, NV. August 20, 1970 M.S.) I Ain’t About To Sing (Las Vegas, NV. August 12, 1971) What Now My Love – spoken version – (Las Vegas, NV. December 4, 1976) Loving You (Las Vegas, NV. August 1975) Crying In The Chapel (Las Vegas, NV. August 19, 1975) Wooden Heart (Las Vegas, NV. December 13, 1975) Bosom Of Abraham – You’d better Run (Uniondale, NY. July 19, 1975 14.30) Roses Are Red (Las Vegas, NV. March 22, 1975 M.S.) I’ll be There – You’re The Reason I’m Living (Las Vegas, NV. March 22, 1975 M.S.) Leaving It Up To You (Las Vegas, NV. Stage rehearsal February 1972) It’s A Matter Of Time (Las Vegas, NV. August 25, 1973 D.S.) Happy Birthday (Lake Tahoe, NV. May 9. 1976 C.S.) Young And Beautiful (Lake Tahoe, NV. May 9 1976 C.S.) I Need Your Lovin’ Everyday (Las Vegas, NV. August 14, 1971) Amazing Grace (Las Vegas, NV. August 14, 1973 D.S.) Turn Around And Look At Me (Ashville, NC. July 24, 1975) Folsom Prison Blues – I Walk The Line (Las Vegas, NV. August 14, 1970 M.S.) Pieces Of My Life (Ashville, NC. July 24, 1975) What A Friend We Have In Jesus (Las Vegas. NV. August 28, 1973 M.S.) Trouble – Raised On Rock (Las Vegas, NV. August 6, 1973 O.S.) I John (Lake Tahoe, NV. August 1, 1971 M.S.) Susie Q (Norfolk, VA, July 20, 1975, 14.30) Return To Sender (Ashville, NC, July 22, 1975) Memphis Tennessee (Ashville, NC, July 22, 1975) Shake A Hand (Ashville, NC, July 22, 1975) Why Me Lord (Elvis sings solo) (Ashville, NC, July 22, 1975) Wooden Heart (Las Vegas, NV. September 3, 1971 M.S.) His Latest Flame (Las Vegas, NV. September 3, 1971 M.S.) Jambalaya (Jackson, MS. June 9, 1975 M.S.) Such A Night (Atlanta, GA. December 12, 1976) Rags To Riches (Pittsburgh, PA. December 31, 1976).
Updated: Jul 4, 2004 
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Dixieland Rocks (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 6, 2004report abuse
I really want to get this cd, does anyone know where I can get it???

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