Track Listing Fever Pitch

Here is the track listing for the upcoming import CD "Fever Pitch" on the Lone Star label. It contains a radioshow where Elvis is sending a message by telephone, outtakes of "Fever", "House Of Sand", "Sand Castles", and the incomplete 1961 Pearl Harbor show. This CD will come with an 16 page booklet. 1. Fever (take 1) / Fever (take 3) 2. House Of Sand (one line only) Radio broadcast: Introduction / Dialogue / Take My Hand, Precious Lord / I Believe In The Man In Sky / Dialogue / It Is No Secret / Dialogue / Milky White Way / Dialogue / He Know What I Need / Dialogue / I Believe / Dialogue / Message from Elvis / Dialogue / Peace In The Valley / Closing dialogue / 3. Introduction 4. Heartbreak Hotel 5. All Shook Up 6. Reconsider Baby 7. I Need Your Love Tonight 8. One Night 9. Tom Moffet talks to Elvis in Hawaii 10. Sand Castles (KOV 1)
Source: Elvis Is Still Active In Norway / Updated: Dec 1, 2003 
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