Our provider had a big systemcrash this week. This is the reason we were very hard to find the past couple of days. They managed to get everything back on-line again, at least it seems. Saddest part...more
Updated: Nov 29, 1999
The local radio station "Vinyl 107" in Stockholm, Sweden had a voting among the listeners for a "All Time Top 500" list about the best songs from the fifties, sixties and seventies. Beatles had a...more
Source: Taking Care of Elvis / Updated: Nov 29, 2000
The "That's The Way It Is book and CD" project has been delayed a little. It will now come out on February 1st, 2001. This also means that the three CDs with soundtracks that were planned for April...more
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Nov 29, 2000
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"Culture speaks a universal language and can play a critical role in U.S. relations abroad even where America has no formal diplomatic relations", President Bill Clinton said at the first White House...more
Source: Reuters / Updated: Nov 29, 2000
The 2001 label has released a soundboard recording from Las Vegas, January 29 1971 at which Elvis this day sings "Snowbird" hence the title of the CD. Other shows from this engagement are released on:...more
Source: Email / Updated: Nov 29, 2000
In December Jerry Scheff will record 3 songs in Nashville. Among them is "Fire Down Below", which appeared on the Jungle Room Sessions as an instrumental track. Glen D. Hardin and Ronnie Tutt will...more
Source: Presley's pride  / Updated: Nov 29, 2000
"Happy New Year From Pontiac 1975" is the title of a new 2CD audience release on the new label "Quality Music". Don't misunderstand: "quality" isn't about the recording quality, which is not more than...more
Updated: Nov 29, 2001
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At 926 East McLemore Avenue, home of the now-defunct Stax Records studio and one of the most famous addresses in American music history, the soul is returning to a run-down black neighborhood....more
Source: Yahoo News / Updated: Nov 29, 2002
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In both the Dutch Top 40 Album Top 100 as also the Mega Top 100 Album Chart the CD 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' dropped from #9 to #14. The CD dropped out of the Free Rocord Shop Album...more
Source: Email / Updated: Nov 29, 2002
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For the British readers. On December 21st (Saturday) Channel 4 are broadcasting the NBC special 'Elvis Lives', which will be followed by 'One Night With You' and 'Elvis 56'....more
Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: Nov 29, 2002
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