Yet another (English) magazine available for fans. Almost a year later after originally scheduled the Memphis Flash will finally take form. The editors claim they will use many rare and never...more
Updated: Feb 13, 2000
Someone is trying to sell a "safety tape" by Sam Philips on Ebay. This is a fake. Sam even recycled his masters, and never made "safety tapes".
Source: Deelen / Updated: Feb 13, 2000
July 11, 2000 : "That's The Way It Is", 3-CD set
Aug. 8, 2000 : "Elvis 50's" (Probably same as 50's 5 CDbox)
Aug. 22, 2000 : "Elvis Christmas"
Source: Elvis World Japan / Updated: Feb 13, 2000
Last year it was a huge success, with a marvelous show by the British group Number Nine, and the Dutch fan will have another chance to have a great Elvis party in Amsterdam at the Cruise Inn on July...more
Updated: Feb 13, 2001
To launch The New Gladiators DVD, Wayne Carman will firstly be visiting the UK as the special guest speaker at the next convention organised by Britain's official Elvis publication - Essential Elvis...more
Source: Essential Elvis / Updated: Feb 13, 2001
Yesterday's article on the EPE site about Elvis' record sales and certification by the RIAA caused some have mail traffic in our direction. We hope you all understand we can't answer each of them. We...more
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Feb 13, 2001
"Viva Las Vegas" had a memorable screenings last Friday with the Opera House & Harbour Bridge as the beautiful backdrop. Despite the awful summer storms that day, the Sydney Open Air Cinema was packed...more
Source: Elvis Australia / Updated: Feb 13, 2002
The King & Di, an extremely funny play about Elvis and Princess Diana meeting in the Hereafter, is now on at the Chapel Off Chapel in Melbourne. Opening to the sounds of 2001 you know that Elvis is in...more
Source: Elvis Australia / Updated: Feb 13, 2002
Millie Kirkham, the soprano who worked with Elvis in the studio from 1957 through the 1970s and appeared in the 1970 concert film "Elvis, That's the Way It Is," is now on the list of former Elvis...more
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Feb 13, 2002
On the "Age's Entertainment Guide" "Jailhouse Rock" is mentioned as one of the 25 essential Rock And Roll movies at No. 21. "An Elvis classic - if any film starring the King deserves the soubriquet...more
Source: EP Forever Club Australia / Updated: Feb 13, 2002
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