Gang` Elvis Fan Club, founded in 1967, wants to invite every Elvis fan around the world to their next event, on May, 6 2000. "22º ENCONTRO DE FAN ELVIS EM SÃO PAULO" (22nd Elvis fans meeting in São...more
Updated: May 2, 2000
After releasing their hit version of Elvis' "Viva Las Vegas" the bearded men now covered "Teddy Bear". Seems that these guys really dig The King. One of our readers told us ZZ Top recorded Jailhouse...more
Source: Alt.Elvis.King / Updated: May 2, 2000
Elvis will be inducted into the Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame during Elvis Week 2000. It is not known yet where and when exactly.
Source: It's Only Love For Elvis / Updated: May 2, 2000
For the real fanatics we have all available information on-line regarding the upcoming TTWII-release (July 2000). Including some extra artwork
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: May 2, 2000 Shop
In 1997 this CD was released on the PeterPan-Label. Now BMG and Out West Records re-release these recordings from March 19, 1955 in the Eagles Hall, Houston, completed with some interviews.
Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Updated: May 2, 2001 Shop
Sir Paul McCartney has revealed that he is a fan of controversial American rapper Eminem. The ex-Beatle defended Eminem's lyrics - which have been criticised for being homophobic and misogynistic - by...more
Source: Email / Updated: May 2, 2001
A 2 CD bootleg with "Elvis The Concert" from February 22, 2000 (Hamburg) has been released. In contrary to earlier CD's of "Elvis The Concert" this one seems to be a real CD in stead of a CDR. The CD...more
Source: Email / Updated: May 2, 2001
Today we received some more info on the second "Today"-sampler, which will be given to members who extend their subscription. All tracks are taken from the "Double Features"-series: "Summer Kisses,...more
Source: Magazines: Elvis Today / Updated: May 2, 2001
EPE updated the list of performers for the 25th Annversary Concert with the addition of former Stamps member Larry Strickland and TCB Band-mate John Wilkinson.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: May 2, 2002
The Always Elvis Fan Club from Austria is organizing a very big event on October 24 and 25.
They have an impressive line-up: the TCB-Band, The Sweet Inspirations, Tony Joe White (composer of...more
Source: Always Elvis / Updated: May 2, 2002
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