There were some complaint on the appearance of the first issue of "Elvis Today". It seems some (English) subscribers finally received their copy. The reactions were not all positive, A5 in stead of A4...more
Source: Alt.Elvis.King / Updated: May 29, 2000
Another classic Elvis album has been re-released on vinyl again, this time Simply Vinyl released "Elvis" on vinyl. This is how they describe their release.
"Well, it's certainly taken us long...more
Source: Simply Vinyl  / Updated: May 29, 2000 Shop
The new service we started a couple of weeks ago to put various languages on-line with last week's news will be continued with only one language, French (available through the main menu). We had too...more
Updated: May 29, 2000
BMG Europe has released a new 6 track promo for the That's The Way It Is box. The promo, presented in a digi-pack, is titled "30th Anniversary Sampler" and the artwork should basically be the same as...more
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: May 29, 2000
As most of you know, there will be a special Elvis Week 2001 presentation of Elvis-The Concert in Memphis on August 16. The tickets have been (quietly) on sale January 5 to give the fans plenty of...more
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: May 29, 2001
This Elvis movie is the next in line to be transformed to DVD. The DVD Edition details are:
• Run Time: 88 minutes
• Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
• Color, Closed-captioned,...more
Source: / Updated: May 29, 2001 Shop
When we did our last EmailInterview with author Daniel Klein, author of "Kill Me Tender" and "Blue Suede Clues", he had a contest on his site in which you could enter the title for the third Elvis...more
Source: Daniel Klein / Updated: May 29, 2002
In Australia, national youth network Triple J led the way, instantly adding the track to high rotation, with Music Director Arnold Frolows naming "A Little Less Conversation" the most requested track...more
Source: Elvis Australia / Updated: May 29, 2002 Shop
The new video for "A Little Less Conversation" was made in New York last week Thursday and Friday. It will be shown within 10 days in Europe first. Rumour has it MTV will have it this Friday or the...more
Source: Luyken / Updated: May 29, 2002 Shop
Good News For The Dutch Fans. The TV Channel SBS 6 will do an item on JXL tomorrow in their show "Hart van Nederland". For the Shownews section they pay a visit to his Amsterdam studio.
Source: Email / Updated: May 29, 2002 Shop
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