A new DVD titled "Welcome Home Elvis" containing the the Frank Sinatra Show celebrating Elvis' return from the army will be released by Joe Tunzi's JAT Publishing. The release date has been set for...more
Source: Elvis World Japan / Updated: Sep 23, 2000
Yet another "Louisiana Hayride" compilation has been released. Among the tracks featured on this release are the usual "Long Tall Sally", "Heartbreak Hotel" und "I Got A Woman". Guess this will be one...more
Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Updated: Sep 23, 2000
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In Denmark the "Greatest Hits" keeps going up and down in the Danish charts, this week it climbed 4 places from #26 to # 22. In Japan the Prime Minister's Favourite Elvis Songs" dropped from #20 to...more
Source: Email / Updated: Sep 23, 2001
Last week an old promo CD found its way back to the news page of some websites. The version of "500 Miles" on this CD appears to be an unreleased alternate version How and why it was used for this CD...more
Source: World Wide Elvis / Updated: Sep 23, 2001
In both the Netherlands and Belgium the single 'A Little Less Conversation' sold enough copies to receive a Gold Award. JXL received the Dutch award during the presentation of the 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits'...more
Source: BMG NL / Updated: Sep 23, 2002
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On Elvis World Japan you can watch two more Japanese commercials for the 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' release. There are two versions, a 'Jailhouse Rock' and a 'A Little Less Conversation'. more
Source: Elvis World Japan / Updated: Sep 23, 2002
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Elvis Presley’s personally owned and worn leather jacket with provenance was auctioned by RR Auctions. It was sold for $5514.

From the auction:
Elvis Presley's personally owned and worn leather...more
Source: Email / Updated: Sep 23, 2002
In the Netherlands the CD 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' was presented at a special party in the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam. Ernst Jorgensen was there to receive the first copy of the CD and was presented a...more
Source: BMG NL / Updated: Sep 23, 2002
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Rubberneckin' has entered the UK's Mid week official chart at number 5 after only two days of release, selling 31,000 units - three times as many sales as was achieved in the US during its first week...more
Source: Todd Slaughter / Updated: Sep 23, 2003
This BMG Canada flyer is received by the CD stores for the upcoming release "Elvis : 2nd To None".more
Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: Sep 23, 2003
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