The site "For Elvis CD Collectors Only" has a great new section in which readers can ask Ernst Jorgensen almost anything, even better is the fact that Ernst answers the questions. We picked one of the...more
Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: Aug 21, 2001
An irreplaceable collection of jewelry and other memorabilia from late rock 'n' roll king Elvis Presley was believed to have been destroyed in the fire Thursday that destroyed 17 homes in the Spring...more
Source: Las Vegas Sun / Updated: Aug 21, 2001 decided to support the petition that is organised by the "It's Only Love For Elvis Fanclub", you can sign this petition on-line now.
Updated: Aug 21, 2001
After a year and a half of enthusiastic contributions to (including a feature on the site in Elvis-Today), our French translator has informed us that she will no longer be able to...more
Updated: Aug 21, 2001
Another version has been released, the video was released in Poland. In Finland the movie has been released under the confusing title "This Is Elvis".
Source: Elvis From Poland / Updated: Aug 21, 2001 Shop
Castle Music (UK) will release 2 vinyl LPs on Sep.24, 2001. The titles "G.I. Blues" (ELVIS106) and "Blue Hawaii" (ELVIS107). Also available is a bonus extended play album " Live A Little Love A...more
Source: Elvis World Japan / Updated: Aug 21, 2001 Shop
According to Collectors Gold Sonny West has started work on a follow-up book to 'Elvis: What Happened?' with Marshall Terrill more than 25 years after the book was released. The book, co-authored with...more
Source: ECG / Updated: Aug 21, 2002
The Austrian magazine 'News' published their weekly issue No. 33 with a special Austrian promotional CD. Unlike the promo audio CD which has been enclosed to the German 'Stern spezial - Biografie' (No...more
Source: Email / Updated: Aug 21, 2002 Shop
The German Charts came out today and 'A Little Less Conversation' went up to No. 8. In Portugal the single was on top of the charts for the fifth week while in France the single entered the Top 20 at...more
Source: Various / Updated: Aug 21, 2002 Shop
On Ebay Collectors Gold found another promo for the ELV1S 30 #1 Hits. This time a one track promo featuring 'Burning Love'.
Source: ECG / Updated: Aug 21, 2002 Shop
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