Tiger Man / An Alternate Anthology

Coming soon (release date: June 20): "Tiger Man / An Alternate Anthology - volume 2". Volume one was released in 1998 and since then there was totally silence from Shake Records until now. Shake Records presents "Tiger Man - volume 2" with material from 1969 to 1976. Including: 9 previously unreleased tracks; duets with Ginger Holladay and his daughter Lisa Marie; tracks from the historic 1969 Memphis studio sessions; outtakes from Nashville 1970; recordings from the Stax studio; and his last recording session More information and a complete track listing when we have it, including if this is a CDR or CD. The 25 Tracks on this release including: "Change of Habit"; "Let's Be Friends"; "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"; "The Fool"; "My Way"; "I'm Leavin' It Up To You"; "Promised Land"; "Hurt"; "Moody Blue"; "Don't Cry Daddy"; "Suzie Q" and many others... all alternate performances.
Source: Elvis4Everyone / Updated: Jun 5, 2002 
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