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The TTWII That Never Was

In the ongoing discussion on the "extra hour" on the TTWII DVD which was announced by the producer Schmidlin but later cancelled because the restoration cost would be too much and there were copyright problems on several songs. World Wide Elvis now added the supposed tracklisting to back up Joe Tunzi by ... Joe Tunzi. According to Ernst Jorgensen this list was "B.S."

The tracks:
Don't; Baby Let's Play House; Cattle Call; Eating Burgers (candid footage); Farther Along; Hey Jude; I Just Can't Help Believin'; I've Lost You; Little Sister/Get Back (alternate); Mystery Train/Tiger Man (alternate); Oh Happy Day; Party Sequence (candid footage) ; Poem/Walk A Mile In My Shoes; Something; Stranger In The Crowd ; Sweet Caroline; Yesterday ; You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (alternate)
Source: World Wide Elvis / Updated: Jan 25, 2001
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