The King's English

The BBC has started a 15 week Radio Documentary series by the BBC World Service called "The King's English". The show aims to make clear how Elvis taught the world "English" through his songs. The series started January 6th 2001 and will run for 15 weeks on the BBC World Service. It is in the "Learning English" department and analyses through Elvis' songs how Elvis helped the world learn English through his music. The first program on January 6th featured Donna Presley Early, Bill Burk was featured in 20th January Show. Editors from Elvisly Yours, who acted as consultants to the program, are featured too. More Elvis On The BBC A clip from TTWII SE (in fact the full blistering 6 minutes of Suspicious Minds) was shown in the UK on the BBC2 music show called Top Of The Pops 2. It was shown in early evening of 24th Jan and was featured as the final song on the show. On January 27 at 16.40 it will be repeated.
Source: Elvisly Yours / Updated: Jan 25, 2001 
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