The Hidden Works Of The King Volume 2

The second revision to "The Hidden Works of the King" electronic book is finished. This second release has 542 CD entries. Not only does it contain tracklist and origin information, but also has high quality printable artwork scans of the complete artwork. This edition is now a true relational database format -vs- the compiled HTML of the previous release. All information within can be searched e.g. if you need to know when a song was performed. A new concert database lists every show (1843 shows listed!) Elvis performed, and if a concert audiotape exists, it is documented too. This release also offers the ability to manage your personal collection - if you own a CD entry, or a concert audiotape one simple mouseclick "marks" it in your collection. For more information visit the website.
Source: Hidden Works Of The King / Updated: Mar 29, 2003 

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