The Best Of Elvis Presley

Released in Hong Kong is another CD set (supposedly) on the HDCD format (HDCD = High Definition Compatible Digital). But until now, no Elvis material has oficially been remastered for this audio format. This time a three CD set entitled "The Best Of Elvis Presley" which features 73 hits by Elvis Presley.
Source: Ebay / Updated: Jun 8, 2005 
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asd123 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 8, 2005report abuse
Thanks Mathias, seems to be true.
Mathias (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 8, 2005report abuse
Beware, just another fake "HDCD" from mainland China. Yeah, most of those counterfeits have great artwork, but the pressquality is horrible (CD-Rot included). The sound is not better than on any other official releases! No Elvis CD was ever produced using HDCD(sad but true), no official and no bootleg, counterfeit or what ever you want to call that kind of crap! It seems that some asians like to put a lot of stickers on their products to make it look better. I`ve seen CDs that were "digitally re-mastered" using latest 24 Bit/96 Khz, SBM, DSD and SACD technology all together on one CD. But if you only strongly belive enough in what they say, you might hear things and sounds no one else can! Save your hard earned cash!

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