That's The Way It Is (Special Edition)

The For Elvis Cd Collectors Only Website mentions the release of the new special Edition TTWII video. This video features approx. 3.20 hours with all the footage that is available of the TTWII documentary. It's a unique video because of the fact that the video uses 99.9% of all material that is now available from all sources relating to TTWII, and those sources are "This Is ELVIS", "ELVIS The Lost Performances", Original "TTWII", "Special Edition TTWII" and the unreleased footage found on the Turner/MGM web-site. The footage that is available through these sources has now been used and put together on one video in a more chronological order in a professional manner bringing again new life to footage that we have all seen, but again the video is unique because all footage that is available, is now all together for the first time on one tape. For more information you can send an email to
Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: Feb 27, 2001 
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