That's The Way It Is Promo

One of our regular contributors was lucky enough to get the promo for the upcoming That's The Way It Is-box. Here is his first impression. The numbers included are a nice teaser of what to expect in July. What can we expect?. Well, the first two songs, "I Just Can't Help Believin'" and "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me", are sounding very good. To my ears they do sound again a little better then on the 70's Box-set so that is always welcome. Next up on this promo is "Polk Salad Annie". Well... it is just amazing! It is so good it will make your hair stand straight up, it will bring tears to your eyes. The feel is so much different, the audience reaction is so fun and good to hear. If this stands for the whole concert, then we're gonna have a very good time!. It will not matter whether you will know it from the movie or know it any other way: this is and will be the best!. "One Night" is a powerhouse performance and so is the sound. This also goes for "Make The World Go Away"; Elvis voice is beautiful and there's a particular nice spot in this song for the string section of the Joe Guercio Orchestra, they do a very nice job on this song. Then at the end we get "Johnny B. Goode" from the 24th of July rehearsal which is out on bootleg. It sounds much tighter and more together and everything is cleaned up just perfectly by Dennis Ferrante although to my ears they have turned down the treble a little in this mix. Some people will complain it sounds darker than the bootlegged version. Just adjust it on your own system! They have left Elvis remark on the end there as well: "That's a good number boy!". All in all: if you have the chance to buy this promo: do it!. Otherwise: wait one more month and you will get something beautiful! It will gonna be the best release so far by BMG in my opinion.
Source: Email / Updated: Jun 9, 2000 

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