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"The song journey 'O Store Gud' " is a documentary film about the Swedish background of the song which gave a Grammy to Elvis! The songtitle in English is "How Great Thou Art". The film opened in the Swedish town Jönköping, in the middle of the Swedish "bible belt", this December. The producer Niclas Wimmerberg managed to portray the importance and distribution of the song. It starts in Mönsterås, where Carl Boberg created the hymn in 1885. A lot of footage in the documentary is shot in the U.S.A., where Niclas travelled over 6000 kilometers by car. Elvis importance for the song is shown in many ways, but also the importance of others. This film will be shown first in some movie theaters in Sweden and hopefully on TV this spring. For Elvis fans in Sweden is it important that this connection between Sweden and Elvis through this song is documented.
Source: Taking Care of Elvis / Updated: Dec 19, 2002 
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