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This is not the usual item we add to ElvisNews, but we received this request through Paul Dowling's mailing list. We'd like to support it. Deborah Walley co-star of Spinout is in some trouble. She is ill in the hospital and can't afford the bills. I am not begging in her name. Merely asking you Elvis fans to send her a card to cheer her up. While your at it put $1 -$5 in the card. If all the Elvis fans gave a dollar Deborah would have no Hospital Bill. Elvis paid so many hospital bills. Well, we can't afford to write the check like he would of done but in his name we can each give $1 the result could be the same, only look at the power we have in numbers. Please at least send her a card to the address below and pass on to all you know. We could end up being a force to be reckon' with. Send cards and donations to: Deborah Walley/ P.O. Box 1226/ Sedona, AZ. 86339/ USA
Source: World Wide Elvis / Updated: Feb 27, 2001 
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