Speedway Available For Pre-order

This region 1 DVD is remastered in a new 16x9 digital transfer, in a format preserving the scope aspect ratio of the original theatrical exhibition, enhanced for widescreen TVs. The DVD also includes an Elvis Presley trailer gallery. The stroryline: In this 1968 high-octane laugh fest, Elvis Presley sings his way around the race circuit as successful Speedway driver Steve Grayson until his wise-cracking manager (Bill Bixby) files a bad tax return. The engines rev-up and the chase begins when IRS agent (Nancy Sinatra) arrives on the scene. The laughs in this film are further enhanced by talented comic actors, Gale Gordon (The Lucy Show) and Carl Ballantine (McHale's Navy). Music includes songs such as There Ain't Nothing like a Song, Let Yourself Go, Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby and Your Groovy Self.
Source: Amazon.com / Updated: May 17, 2004 

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