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In a small interview in the Kansas City Star Jack Soden, the guy who presides over all things Elvis, gave a few hints of what to expect in 2003 and 2004. Soden: Elvis had a huge year in 2002," Soden says. "Elvis is on a roll, so we're going to follow through. We're really amping up." Look for another major RCA CD release in 2003. "Based on the success of his `30 No. 1 Hits,' there will be more big releases," Soden says. And a new DVD release of Elvis' '68 Comeback Special is in the pipeline as well, Soden says. KCS: Just in time. The current version of the legendary television concert is out of production and sells for well over $100 on eBay and Amazon. Soden: "We've got a complete DVD compilation for the '68 Comeback Special coming out," Soden says. "A lot of stuff was shot that ultimately wasn't aired. So all that film is going to be included in a new DVD release in '03." KCS: A long-awaited Lisa Marie Presley CD is expected this spring as well. Soden: "And 2004's going to be an interesting year," Soden says. "It's the 50th anniversary of Elvis' career. He recorded `That's All Right (Mama)' in 1954." KCS: Then there's the matter of Cowtown shrink Donald Hinton and his claim that Elvis is alive and poised to reappear. Most recently Hinton's assistant, Linda Johnson, said Elvis had actually spoken with Soden recently. Soden: "I, of course, have never spoken to Dr. Hinton or anybody who thinks he's Elvis Presley," Soden says. "What I can tell you is, Elvis is dead. And these folks are either amusing themselves or think they're going to exploit some opportunity. "You know, it may be the weirdest Elvis story in Kansas City, but we get nonsense like that from here or there all the time."
Source: Email / Updated: Dec 29, 2002 
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