Rubberneckin' Thoughts

Satellite Channel Sky Sports have been using the Rubberneckin'remix while showing highlights of goals scored in the English Premiership. It seemed to work very well. Rubberneckin' is now the #1 song on the Aussie Airplay chart. The Rubberneckin' video was reviewed on SM:tv by a panel including a member of Westlife and Rachel Stevens (formely of SCLUB7). They did not rate the video at all but thought the single would do well. 95.8FM Capital FM London's most listened to radio stations top DJ Neil Fox has said he prefers The JXL remix of Conversation to the new Oakenfold reworking of Rubberneckin'. He would like to know what others think of Rubberneckin'. If you would like to let him know how great you think the new remix is you can e-mail him at And finally, the official release date of the special Dutch boxset with the single will be September 11. The radio stations in Belgium are playing it now and radio Donna has made it dance record of the week.
Source: Various / Updated: Sep 4, 2003 
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SGH (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 5, 2003report abuse
I loved the JXL Conversation remix but think Rubberneckin' is much more funky and danceable. Elvis' vocal is more roar and much stronger than on Conversation. I have e-mailed my thoughts to Neil Fox, hopefully he will give this good airplay.

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