Results 4th Annual Website Survey

Elvis Central International held their annual Elvis website survey. It paints a good picture on Elvis on the web, and the development of various Elvis websites. We like to congratulate our friends of FECC for this result that they deserve without any doubt. ElvisNews is also listed in the following categories: best design, best overall content, most informative and best news site. Thanks to everyone who voted for ElvisNews. The fourth survey resulted in a total of 64 sites (down from 65 last year) receiving at least one vote or mention. This year’s survey votes were significantly less spread than in previous surveys, with a polarization of votes toward the top four sites. The vote for last year’s top ranked site (EIN) fell significantly this year and the equal number four ranked site last year (Elvis Unlimited) dropped out of the top 14 listing this year. Positive and Negative Site Attributes The issue of sites that are slow to download was, for the fourth year in a row, the major “negative” issue mentioned by respondents. The second biggest issue of concern was a perceived trend to sites losing their news and information emphasis and becoming shop sites. ‘Splash’ pages were also disliked by a majority of respondents. The four attributes most preferred were: regular site updates of news and information, a good design, the use of sound and merchandise available to buy online. Outstanding sites based on the number of votes received Three sites performed significantly better than all other sites: 1. For Elvis CD Collectors (53 votes) 2. (51 votes) 3. Official Elvis site (40 votes) The #1 site in last year’s survey experienced a significant drop in its number of votes but was a clear 4th in the voting, Elvis Information Network (29 votes). No other sites received more than 14 votes. Respondent comments for the top four ranked sites included: For Elvis CD Collectors • “good source for up to date news” • “the best all round site” • “it has really improved over the last year” • “great chat group” • “really like some of their features like the Elvis • Squad, Jumpsuit junkies and Promo Corner” Elvis • “good source of the latest news” • “well balanced with news and reviews” • “basic design very good, but I dislike having to click • “back to get to other news” • “it’s good being able to leave feedback” • “used to be slow to download, now much better” Official Elvis Site (Graceland) • “a beautiful site” • “The King lives!” Elvis Information Network • “they are very inconsistent with their updates” • “used to be a good general news site, now hard to find the news” • “too many design changes, give us a break” • “EIN is now a shop site not a news site” • “too much product placement rather than giving us “INFORMATION” as their name suggests” • “the site emphasis has changed but it still has a good range of articles and reviews” • “EIN’s articles have a critical edge that other sites lack” The Top 10 Most Popular Web Sites The following sites (minimum 5 votes received) were the top ranked sites identified in the survey. The Top 14 sites listed in descending order were: 1. For Elvis CD Collectors 2. ElvisNews 3. Official Elvis Site 4. Elvis Info Network 5. Elvis World Japan 6. Elvis Presley Gold 7. Elvis Presley In Concert 8. Flaming Star Norway 9. Elvis Is Still Active In Norway 10. Elvis Presley Superstar New sites to the top site listing were: • • Elvis Presley Gold • Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Denmark Sites disappearing from the top site listing were: • Apache Elvis • Elvis Tapes • Elvis Unlimited • Jordan’s Elvis World 4th Annual Online Elvis Survey “Special Mention” Awards Sites highly regarded by a number (two or more mentions) of respondents because of particular attributes were: • Best Design: Official Graceland site & • Best Visuals/Animation: Official Graceland site • Best Overall Content: Elvis Information Network (EIN)& • Most Innovative Site: Lisa Marie Presley (Official site) • Most Informative Sites: EIN, & Elvis World Japan • Best News Sites: & For Elvis Collectors Only • Best Feature Article: That’s The Way It Is (Elvis World, Japan) • Best CD News: For Elvis CD Collectors Only & Elvis World Japan • Best Search Facility: Elvis Find • Best Site for Audio: • Best Site for Video: • Best Recording Information: Masters and Sessions • Best Elvis News Group: For Elvis CD Collectors Only • Best Interview Source: Elvis Information Network; EP Gold • Best Interview: Junkie XL (EIN) • Best Book Reviews: David Neale • Best CD Reviews: Elvis Information Network • Best Site for CD Promo News: For Elvis CD Collectors Only
Source: Elvis Central / Updated: Feb 24, 2003 
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