Peta, Don't Be Cruel

Although it’s been a quarter of a century since Elvis died millions of fans remain loyal to America’s “king,” inspired by his signature style and soulful music. And according to the Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) his fans are also loyal to his way of eating judging by their own broadening bellies and bottoms, they are putting away the same unhealthy, fattening foods that he did. Peta claims Americans are not eating healthy and they use Elvis unhealthy habits as an example of how not to eat with the slogan 'Don't be cruel to your heart and body'. The want you to eat flowers and plants in stead of meat. Reading the campaign, we thought, "Peta, Don't be cruel to Elvis and his fans by generalizing too much".
Source: Peta / Updated: Sep 2, 2002 

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