Paramount Reheats 'King Creole'

Paramount Pictures is developing an updated version of its 1958 Presley starrer "King Creole," which revolved around a delinquent who takes a job as a dishwasher in a New Orleans nightclub and gets the chance to perform one night. "King Creole," directed by Michael Curtiz and featuring Carolyn Jones, Walter Matthau and Dean Jagger, was Presley's last feature before his Army service and is regarded by critics as one of his better films. The picture was based on the Harold Robbins novel "A Stone for Danny Fisher," The current project will tap into the source material while being set in contemporary New Orleans with the lead actor striving to become a rock star. Grant Morris has been hired to write the script; he has also been attached to Miramax's remake of "Everybody's Famous."
Source: Yahoo News / Updated: Sep 24, 2002 
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