October FTD Release

Here is an update from the FTD label on the October 2003 release and future soundtrack releases. The October 1, 2003 release will be the Lake Tahoe 3 A.M. Mothers Day show from 1973. We normally do not release 2 soundboards following each other, but as RCA is releasing “ CLOSE UP ” this summer – comprising of 3 studio outtakes CD’s and a 16 track live recording, we felt that the variety we are aiming for is best served by a soundboard release for October. We are also working on 3 more movie soundtracks, but are holding back because of so many other releases during this time. Some of you have been concerned that there is more product coming out than the fans can afford. However it’s important to stress that FTD is fully comitted to re-release the repertoire that is no longer available through retail, and there will be more of these re-releases by the end of the year and certainly next year as well. The classic album series is not limited to movie soundtracks.
Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: Jun 10, 2003 
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