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We received a pile of new magazines. First from the UK, Essential Elvis, containing a great interview with Steve Binder. This is a good time to congratulate EE with their brand new website, you can find it in our magazines section. Secondly we got the Italian "A Proposito Di Elvis". This issue contains an article on Sun, Easy Come Easy Go and the regulars. Last but not least we got the OEPFC Magazine, with great pictures and an interesting editorial by Todd Slaughter. A part of that we promoted to article on our site today.
Updated: Nov 13, 2003 
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BillK (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 15, 2003report abuse
Need some help. Elvis’ 1964 movie “Roustabout”, what is the exact order of the 11 songs in the movie. I do know that “Roustabout” was first, “Poison Ivy League” 2nd and “Wheels On My Heels” 3rd…….and “There’s A Brand New Day On The Horizon” was 11th, but not sure of songs 4-10 (It’s Carnival Time” “Hard Knocks” “Little Egypt” “One Track Heart” “Carny Town” “Big Love Big Heartache” and “It’s A Wonderful Life”). Thanks, Bill Kaval

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