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After the news the first article deals with why fans by a 35 old record like 'A little Less Conversation'. The Posthumous Elvis gives a good overview of Elvis' posthumous hits. Of course there's an article on the 25th Anniversary trip 1000 Brittish fans made this august. The review of Elvis Presley's Graceland from Discovery Channel is reviewed and so is Today Tomorrow And Forever and the book Elvis UK2. The article Blackie on Bill Black is a good read. This man should get more attention. The interview with Barbara Leight is interesting and the item on Graceland Seasons Greatings is fun for the collectors. The mayor part of the magazine is a section "Thanks Todd" for running the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Brittain for 35 years. Keep on going Todd!
Source: Magazines: OEPFC Magazine / Updated: Nov 5, 2002 
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