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The Czech Elvis Presley Fan Club will release two new CD's. The concerts on these two releases "Slippin & Slidin' with Elvis" - Lake Tahoe, NV. April 30, 1976 m/s and "Aztec King" - Las Vegas, NV. March 27, 1975 m/s are complete shows. From the press release: Both CDs are "quality audience recordings, remastered to the best possible audio on state-of-the-art equipment in one of Prague's most renowned studios". The finishing touch is that both are packaged with many rare pics, and interesting liner-notes and backgrounds about the concerts and the bonus-tracks.' This time we decided to go for two very diffrent shows, showing Elvis in different moods. While on "Aztec King" is Elvis is in fine shape - both physically and mentally - and gives a superb performance, in Lake Tahoe it's clear that not all is well. Elvis stops and restarts several songs, blaming it on the soundsystem. And yet, he has the audience eating out of his hand right from the start, and this in turn inspires him to do a good job on songs like "Steamroller Blues" and "Trying To Get To You". This show is far from his best, but somehow this recording makes for fascinating listening. It's a remarkable "document humain", in that it provides us with a rare glimpse of the man behind the legend. To "spice up" both CD's a bit, we added a generous dose of rare live songs to both CD's, including "Such A Night", "You Can Have Her", "Loving You", "(Until The Day) God Calls Me Home", "Young And Beautiful", "Raised On Rock", "You'll Never Walk Alone" and "Memphis Tennessee". All these tracks are sourced from newly-obtained tapes, and now sound better than ever.
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