More Seats For Anniversary Concert

As ticket sales for Elvis: The 25th Anniversary Concert come within a few hundred seats of a sell-out, 700 more seats in the two top price categories ($75 & $50) have been released for sale to meet ongoing demand, a demand that is guaranteed to escalate as Elvis Week draws nearer and publicity increases. Seating capacity is expected to be about 11,600. The extra seats are on the floor and on the risers to the sides. This was made possible when it was found that there was room to move the stage back a little farther than its planned position. A small number of the seats held for sponsors, contingencies, etcetera could end up not being used and get released for sale in the final days before the show. The same with some seats held until all production elements are in place.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Jul 21, 2002 
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