More BMG News For 2003

On the Worldwide Elvis site we found an update on the BMG releases for 2003. Box Set Release date: July 14 Will probably not contain any "On Tour" material. 30 Top Ten Hits Release date: September In the same fashion as "30 #1 Hits." The '68 Comeback - 35th Anniversary Issue Release date: November If plans develop as we are told, this 35th Anniversary CD will contain all 4 "live" shows complete. No production numbers will be included. This will be a 3 or 4 CD set with possible rehearsal material included. Aloha From Hawaii - 30 Years Later! Release date: ???? To celebrate the 30th year of this show, a 2 CD set is planned which would include the regular show (with 6 extra songs) and the rehearsal show.
Source: World Wide Elvis / Updated: Apr 4, 2003 
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