The hottest new artificial Elvis thing on the market is this mr. Potato Head tribute to Blue Hawaii. According to Priscilla this is what Elvis always wanted to be: a potato head. The product is...more
Source: Various / Updated: Nov 21, 2015
The petition is just about to reach 4300 signatures and the organizers are gratefull for the huge support that has been shown.
Most of the people who has chosen to support Graceland Randers are...more
Updated: Nov 18, 2015
Graceland Randers will make a permanent exhibition for Ger Rijff's amazing art. The exhibition will be accompanied by a special program in the form of a mini book called Cartoons & Rock...more
Source: Graceland Randers / Updated: Nov 17, 2015
The King and the Voice met on a film set in 1960s and became mutual admirers. Now the Welsh singer pays tribute to his friend with a song from his latest album, Long Lost Suitcase. 

At the...more
Source: The Guardian / Updated: Oct 27, 2015
These are equally devided over Europe: one from the north and one from the south.
The King

From Finland comes the fanclub's third issue this year. It starts with the news that Hannu...more
Updated: Oct 24, 2015
Kasper Dahl Finderup, a Danish fan, started a petition to support Henrik Knudsen and his Graceland Randers in the lawsuit by EPE. You can scroll down to find the English text of the petition. The form...more
Source: Email / Updated: Sep 17, 2015
No Small Faces, but Danny Vera instead, to accompany me in the regular magazine round-up. This time I found 3 issues in the mailbox.
Flaming Star 83

From the Norwegian fanclub comes another...more
Updated: Sep 13, 2015
A major three part TV mini-series will document the 60 years in which the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club has been operating due for broadcast in 2017. Parts One and Two will cover the history of our...more
Source: The OEPFC of Great Britain / Updated: Sep 7, 2015
No Jerry Lee Lewis for me, I have to settle with the best magazine around. The Man And His Music, the only real essential Elvis-related magazine, just delivered its 109th issue. Besides the regulars...more
Updated: Sep 6, 2015
Elvis Presley continues to rule the charts.
"Elvis Forever," a new compilation offered exclusively at U.S. Post Offices to celebrate the release of the new Elvis Forever stamp, debuted on...more
Source: Various / Updated: Aug 28, 2015
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