Live Sessions

The Sunflower label will release the CD "Live Sessions" on December 16, 2004. More information when we have it.
Source: / Updated: Dec 11, 2004 
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Bill Bruce (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 13, 2004report abuse
I wouldn't get too exited about this one. I have a CD on the Maverick label (UK) with the title "The Live Sessions" and all it contains is the usual "Little Rock" and "Hayride" recordings. I hope I'm wrong but you know how comapnies like to re-re-re-release these.
glennd (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 12, 2004report abuse
What will this be ? Rehearsels from 1970 or from an other period ? August 16 th 1974, which we allready got from Diamond Anniversery or more material from that day ? Hmmm, I wonder ! TCB.

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