FTD News From Roger Semon And Ernst Mikael Jørgensen

A FTD news update from Roger Semon and Ernst Michael Jorgensen. "With the August 16 release of 'The Way it Was" just a few weeks away, we have decided to announce the next releases in order to keep the rumour mill from overheating. October 1 will see the release of "Memphis Sessions". 75 minutes of music from Elvis' critically acclaimed sessions in January and February of 1969. The focus is as always on previously unreleased outtakes, but to cover as many songs as possible there will be a few previously released outtakes and a few undubbed masters. The reason for this is obviously that on some songs we have released all complete outtakes ("Suspicions Minds") and on others there are no outtakes ("Stranger In My Own Home Town") since the master was take 1. A complete track listing will be made available by the end of August. On November 1 we will have an extra release, as we did last year with "Too much Monkey Business". As last year, we will be covering what many seems to think is a less significant part of Elvis' career. "Silver Screen Stereo" is of course a selection of outtakes from Elvis' movie soundtracks - "Out In Hollywood Vol. 2" if you will. Whereas "Out In Hollywood" sold just as well as the best selling titles on Follow That Dream, many reviews very quite unkind, and we have consequently decided to make this an extra release, rather than the hot quarterly releases you have now come to expect. Don't get us wrong - we still think "Out In Hollywood" was a charming CD, and we will try to make this even better."
Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: Jul 30, 2001 
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