Flaming Star

Another release from the label "Double G" is "Flaming Star", and this time they treated us with some outtakes of the Flaming Star sessions that was released before on BMG and Import releases. The track listing: Black star (master) / Black star (take 6, end title) / Black star (Acetate) / Summer, Kisses Winter tears (take 1,14) / Summer Kisses Winter tears (take 20) / Summer kisses winter tears (take 21-23) / Summer kisses, Winter tears (take 24) / Summer kisses Winter tears (take 25) / Summer kisses, Winter tears (take 26) / Summer kisses, winter tears (Movie version) / Summer kisses, Winter tears (Master) / Britches (Instrumental take 1) / Britches (Vocal overdub take 1 - 7) / Britches (Insert take 1) / Britches (Master take 5/4) / A cane and High starched Collar (take 2,3)/ A cane and high starched collar (Master)/ Flaming star (Vocal overdub) / Flaming star (Stereo) / Flaming star (Master take 6) / Flaming star (Instrumental take 1) / Flaming star (End Title version) / Flaming star (Movie Soundtrack versions) / A cane and high starched collar (Movie Soundtrack versions) / Bonus track: Original Movie Theatre Trailer.
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