First Quickpoll Results

The Follow That Dream label announced the first release of a complete audience recording by RCA / BMG of the 'Pittsburgh 76' New Years Eve show. Quit a few fans gave their reaction on the news on our site; this made us decide to do a quick poll. In one and a half weeks nearly 700 fans gave their opinion on the idea of releasing audience recordings by the FTD label. Since it was just "yes" or "no", without gradations like "if it is really essential" or "if it is really extremely good sound", we are pleasantly surprised that a pretty big majority of 60% voted "yes". In our opinion the right choice, since FTD is a collectors label. And it's indeed very simple ... if you don't want it, don't buy it, but let others enjoy it if they want to.
Updated: Dec 29, 2002 
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