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Elvis Unlimited will release a special souvenir CD for our gospel show this Saturday November 1, 2004. The CD contains song by some of the performers at the show. Among them are The Sweet Inspirations and Bill Baize. Elvis is talking about gospel music between every track on the CD. The title of the CD is "Without A Song The Road Would Never End ... So I'll Keep Singing A Song". Only a limited amount of 1000 copies of this CD will be produced. Tracklist: [1] Elvis Speech - Without A Song... (Memphis 1971) [2] Maarten Jansen - If I Can Dream [3] Elvis Talks About Gospel Music (Burbank 1968) [4] Maarten - Lead Me, Guide Me [5] Elvis Introduces Bill Baize (Collage Park 1974) [6] Bill Baize - When It's My Time [7] Elvis Talks About Gospel Music (Houston 1970) [8] Bill Baize - You'll Never Walk Alone [9] Elvis Introduces The Sweet Inspirations (Huntsville 1976) [10] The Sweet Inspirations - Sweet Inspirations (Live Duluth 1976) [11] Sylvia Shemwell Introduces The Sweet Inspirations (Live Duluth 1976) [12] The Sweet Inspirations - The Last Time I Saw Him (Live Duluth 1976) [13] Elvis Talk About His Gospel Hero Mr. JD Sumner. He Also Talks About XXX (Hollywood 1972) [14] Stephen Acles - It's Over [15] Elvis Talks About All Night Gospel Singing In Las Vegas (Hollywood 1972) [16] Stan Urban - Why Can't They Leave Him Alone [17] Stan Urban - Lifetime Friend [18] Elvis Farwell (Omaha 1977) [19] Teaser For The Complete Word For Word, 1955-77 - Radio Commercial (Gladewater 1955) [20] Teaser For The Press Conferences, Vol. 1 - Elvis Accepts An Award (Pearl Habor 1961) [21] Teaser For The Press Conferences, Vol. 2 - Elvis Answers A Question (Vancouver 1957)
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Oct 29, 2003 
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