Ernst Jørgensen On New Releases

Ernst Jørgensen did an interview on EP Gold clearing some rumors. Part two and three will follow. On the "new" song rumor: There will not be a "new" song on the new upcoming FTD "Southbend", it will contain 3 bonus tracks, but no decision has been made from the 200 songs available. On the soundtrack releases: FTD has the intention to release more soundtracks, depending the success of the current release. The goal is to do this around Christmas. Eventually they hope to release all soundtracks. Depending what RCA decides to do with their catalogue FTD might consider re-releasing non-soundtrack albums. On "On Tour": Only Turner knows if there is going to be a DVD release, they own the rights, but BMG will release more music on both the RCA and FTD label. On the "Close Up" box-set: The "stereo" tracks on the first CD are all binaural takes. The Live show, San Antonio, Tx. is in Stereo. On Live Concerts: Jørgensen is looking into the release the complete "Aloha Dress Rehearsal" 1973 (fully remixed). The Memphis show of 1974 (Midsouth, "Live On Stage in Memphis") is very unclear: in one line the answer to the question if it will be re-released is yes, in another no. There are no plans for updating "Madison Square Garden" or the "1968 Special". The 1973 Tahoe concert (May 13) will be one of the next FTD soundboards. We removed the comment on the seventies masters, that was an error.
Source: ECG / Updated: Apr 29, 2003 
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