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No DVD On FTD Label FTD would have loved to release on the FTD-Label DVD's on Elvis, but found out that publishing rights and all the other paper work and approval from all the other artists, band members etc. makes it impossible to do any DVD project on our FTD-Label. The only company would be able to do this is the Estate. Dinner At Eight The new release from FTD 'Dinner At Eight' will be released October 15th, but it might be even 3-4 days later. Also the next FTD in January will be released before Christmas this year. Kathy Westmoreland's 'My Heavenly Father' The real reason why FTD can not include this song on our next release on FTD CD 'Dinner At Eight' is that a long time ago BMG decided and now is a policy that it makes it impossible to go into these kind of projects at all that included artists that were involved with Elvis on any recordings, because of legal rights,copyrights, publishing rights. It has nothing to do with Kathy personally, but FTD would throw themselves in so much legal paperwork on contracts etcetera that it is impossible to even start any projects if others are involved besides Elvis, like for example now with the FTD CD 'Dinner At Eight'. FTD Website The FTD - Website has another delay, FTD got so much caught up with the big promotion on the new album CD Elv1s # 30 Hits, that it won't be till next year January and it might take even one or two months more before they can go on the internet with the FTD-Website.
Source: ECG / Updated: Oct 24, 2002 
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