EPE Answers ALLC Questions

1. Will there be a video for the ALLC remix? As of our latest conversations with the record company, yes, that is the plan. 2. Why isn't it ready now? As for a video - these things can't be done overnight. They take time. They're working on it. Normally, a record company plans the video as they plan the release over a long period of time. The release happens and the video debuts soon after. ALLC took off so fast, so unexpectedly, from the Nike commercials. The record company responded very quickly with rolling out the release to radio and the release of the record to stores - something that normally takes a lot more lead time, but they jumped on it. Wonderful job. BMG/RCA has been working toward getting a video done in the midst of all the intense work they are already doing with regard to the "planned" releases for this year and all the many related projects we are jointly working on. 3. Some fan sites report that there was some shooting in New York for the video. True? Yes, some preliminary shooting on a concept began, but stopped. We hear from the record company that they weren't satisfied with how shooting was going and wanted to rework the concept. The very moment they give us an update to share, we will post it in the News on our site. 4. There's rumor that EPE won't let RCA/BMG do a music video. True? Absolutely not true. That stuff about EPE not cooperating with footage is old news from several years ago, something widely misreported by various fan sites then. Now, some sites are dredging it all up again and saying "If there's no video, it must be because EPE wont'let them." Let's bury that dead horse. We are working very closely with RCA/BMG on all things Elvis this year. The relationship is outstanding, more productive and exciting than ever. Yes, back when Elvis did his contracts with RCA, music videos were not a part of the industry like they are today and not a part of the contracts, so the record company does need EPE approval to do Elvis music videos. They have our full and enthusiastic cooperation for any videos they want to do with this year's releases, including ALLC. We have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that there is not yet a video for ALLC.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Jun 13, 2002 
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