ElvisNews.com Redesign

We have two major changes for the new year. The first one is the "portal" from where you can easily access both ElvisNews.com and the WWW. The second is an improvement in the navigation structure. With these changes it should be easier to find your way on our site and on the WWW. Besides that the pages should load faster. On the portal you can quickly see if we added any "new" news during the week, the latest Elvis releases, read our latest reviews and jump to essential websites on the WWW. We also expanded our cooperation with the ElvisFind website in the Elvis Presley Start Page. We did a little redesign on the site to improve navigation. We added 7 main menu items (in orange) which all have a specific related sub-menu. This way it should be easier to find what you're looking for on ElvisNews.com. When you see a blue arrow, it is pointing towards a link.
Updated: Jan 1, 2001 
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