Elvis Wants You!

Elvis 30 #1's and A Little Less Conversation recreated Elvis Mania for a whole new audience in 2002. To celebrate this worldwide phenomenon RCA are releasing a special edition of 30 #1's in October featuring a bonus disc of rare material and deluxe packaging. As a thank you to all the fans who made this album the best selling Elvis release ever we want to include your thoughts on what Elvis 30 #1's and A Little Less Conversation meant to you - 'How did it feel to see Elvis back on Top, what did you think when you first saw the Nike ad or heard the JXL remix etc etc'. You have 15 words or less to describe those feelings or thoughts and the best ones from around the globe will be included, with your name, in the liner notes of this very special edition. Be creative and you can be immortalised! Click on the link below to take part.
Source: Elvis Wants You / Updated: Aug 6, 2003 
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