Elvis Unlimited #24

Volume 24, the Christmas edition, of the fan club magazine from the very active Danish fan club dropped in. Packed with reviews of the latest releases book, (import) CD and DVD you can catch up very fast. Also interesting is their article “Back To Memphis” and the announcement of The American Sound Studio Band concert and the Q&A with Elvis from August 1st. 1968. For details on the magazine and subscriptions, use the link below.
Updated: Jan 1, 2005 
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CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 2, 2005report abuse
To me, this is a super great Magazine by two of the greatest Elvis fans Hendrick Knudsen and Lars Gjedings. Every page is full color and printed on quality glossy paper. This is the English version. If you've not subscribe to this or if you have missed their ELVIS FTD CATALOGUE you know not what you're missing.

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