Elvis Time Warp

A DVD-R with the title "Time Warp" has been available on eBay for a while. Apparently this compilation will be released "officially" in the Czech Republic. This release, if the same as the one available on eBay, features 8mm footage shot from 6 different concerts from 1974 - 77. The entire DVD is almost 3 hours, nearly perfect lip synched sound from the concert tape recorded in Dolby Digital 2.0., motion menu's, chapeter menu's, song index and motion frames. Plus it is on NTSC so it can be viewed in the U.S. Content: Omaha, Nebraska - July 1st. 1974 (47 minutes) Las Vegas - August 19, 1974 - opening show (17 minutes) Las Vegas - August 18, 1975 - opening show (27 minutes) and August 19, 1975 (24 minutes) Kansas City, Missouri - June 18, 1977 (15 minutes) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, December 31, 1976 (41 minutes)
Source: Various / Updated: Dec 18, 2005 
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