Elvis Still Hot On TV

Last Week Elvis was part of several TV shows. On NBC's 75th anniversary Special there was a clip of Milton Berle and Elvis and a clip of Elvis singing Jailhouse Rock from the '68 Special. At the end of this clip, Goldie Hawn remarked "Boy Elvis, he was hot!". Then at the end of the show they had various clips of stars over the years saying "Goodnight". They used Elvis' ending of "If I Can Dream" but there was no sound to hear him say "Thank you, goodnight". While on VH1's 100 Greatest Rock And Roll TV Moments Elvis got had 4 spots out of 100. No one else got that. The '68 Special was #2. The Beatles on Ed Sullivan was #1. Also on VH-1 they had a run down of the top 10 moments that were too hot for TV. Elvis placed fifth for his appearances on TV in 1956. EPE's Todd Morgan was on Fox 5 news where he stated that the #1 CD with the 30 #1 hits on it that will be released in the fall, will "have more promotion than any Elvis record in his lifetime or any CD since his death"
Source: It's Only Love For Elvis / Updated: May 19, 2002 
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