Elvis Sites Reviewed

One of the most popular internet magazines in the UK has reviewed what they consider to be some of the best Elvis sites. The June issue of 'the net' rated nine sites using a five star rating system, with five stars being the highest. The following sites were reviewed: 1. Ask the King - (Four stars) 2. Collecting Elvis - (Three stars) 3. The E-Tabs - (Three stars). 4. ElvisFind - (Four stars). 5. Elvis' women - (Three stars). 6. Graceland - (Two stars). 7. The (Unofficial) Elvis Home Page - (Four stars). 8. Elvis Presley Theme Page (Five stars). 9. Elvex Pages - (Five stars). A strange list when looking for 'the best Elvis sites" on the internet, but nice to see that standards do differ. The Elvis Presley Theme Page was singled out for a "net award" from The Net magazine.
Source: Email / Updated: May 19, 2000 
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