Elvis On Your Mobile

From the press-release by the Diggit Entertainment Group. The king lives on through new mobile applications from Diggit Entertainment Group. Diggit announced it will develop a suite of Elvis Presley-branded applications for mobile devices through an exclusive partnership with Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. The debut phase of the Mobile Elvis platform will feature: an online Elvis content store, Elvis ring tones, Elvis video clips, downloadable Elvis photographs, an in-store retail program for Elvis ring tones and images, and a mobile messaging community through which fans can get information on upcoming contests and Elvis news. Diggit also plans to distribute Elvis content directly on handsets that will be available from carriers in the United States, Europe and Asia.
Source: Google / Updated: Mar 24, 2004 
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dzelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 25, 2004report abuse
that is great!! i cant wait to get it!! great idea, that is awesome!
sexyclm (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 24, 2004report abuse
Kewl idea! I'll be checkin' it out!

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